Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Busy Family Sunday

Oh what a dreary day. It has been raining ever since my dh, dd, and I have gotten home from church. 

Church was a blessing as usual. And one set of lyrics has stuck with me, even now over 8 hours later. They are "You are peace, you are peace, when my fear is crippling." This comes from Forever Reign by Hillsong United. (If you have never heard this song, click on the little link there and it will give you the youtube video that has lyrics.) This stuck with me because my world was flipped topsy turvy when I was laid off of work. 

Now to understand that I have not been without a job or school in the last 6 years. At times I was working and going to school. I was a single mom for 5 of those years juggling parenthood, work, school, dating, and my sanity. I do not like time that I have nothing to do, nothing to accomplish, in short not rushing around. Thursday and Friday and Saturday had given me peace, quiet, time, and insanity. 

Those words, that promise, was what I needed to hear, to remember and to believe today. Yes I am afraid. We have bills to pay, a car loan, we have pets, we need food. But I know that God will provide the answer and that in his perfect plan this is what is best for me as well as my family. And remembering that has given me peace. Thank you Lord, and thank you church family for reminding me of that.

After I came from home from church it was time to trade my church clothes in for an apron and start in on being the housewife. Laundry needed done just like every Sunday. We are having a garage sale to support my dd's 4H club in my garage\driveway this weekend so I need to find space and work on pricing items. And my little project for the weekend was organizing the closet.

By 'organizing the closet' I don't mean resort the clothes. Oh no, my OCD keeps that accomplished every time I put clothes away (or within minutes of looking in if my dh who doesn't understand my system has put clothes away). However the shelves above the rod is a catch all for papers that are 'important,' picture frames that don't have pictures, old pictures that weren't handed out, baby items that 'oh but we can't get rid of this, it's her first handprint', and jewelry that is too difficult to put into the jewelry box in the dark. The floor underneath has random boxes full of who knows what, extra pillows, clothes that have fallen off hangers or won't stay on hangers, reciepts that the cats have batted around the room until they disappeared. 

Oh yes that was a great joy. My MIL left old vinyl records (oh yeah did I forget to mention that last spring when I moved in with my then fiance now husband we moved into the house that his mom rented for the past 24 years. And that I'm still working on moving out her stuff that she doesn't want and finding homes for the stuff we are suppose to store. That will be important information later I'm sure) and stamp sets in the closet. She doesn't even remember them. Yup, I thought they'd be great for the garage sale too.

Then onto supper. I made fried chicken, mashed potatoes (not from a box of flakes but from REAL potatoes that I boiled and then mashed with butter and milk. I know, crazy), and corn (not from a can but cut off the cob last summer, cooked in a roaster with buttermilk and butter and then frozen. I promise you it tastes like you just took a bite of corn on the cob). My dh was in heaven.

At this point I have made my dh and dd's lunches for work and school tomorrow, pulled the meat out of the freezer for tomorrow's dinner, and made the plans with my Grandpa to take him shopping for memorial flowers and then he wants to take me out to dinner.

I'll share a recipe with you all tomorrow, maybe for oatmeal raisin cookies. There is nothing better than a good ol' fashioned homemade oatmeal raisin cookie and I think I'm going to surprise my dh, who starts a new job tomorrow, with them when he comes home.