Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Fridge Full of...Meat

I woke up this morning planning to reclaim my house, find clothes for my interview, embroider and take my time enjoying my family.

While all of this still is in the works, the Lord  has added some work to my load.

I was sitting in church, waiting for the pastor to begin preaching, when my phone vibrated. Because my husband was at home not feeling well I checked it to make sure he was alright. He was fine, however our deep freeze, chock full of roasts, ground beef, chicken and other meat, was not frozen. Everything was thawed, still cold, but thawed.

When I headed home from church my mind was racing. How on earth was I suppose to cook all of this meat and save it. I know that you aren't suppose to thaw and refreeze meat. I also know that you can thaw, cook and refreeze meat. And so that is my plan. However how many meals can be planned from a beef roast without making yourself sick of the same things.

So I am in the process of getting a grinder attachment for my standing blender. With this I can make roasts into ground beef. I have LOTS of freezer recipes for ground beef. Spaghetti sauce, sloppy joes, casseroles, meatloaf, and many many more.

So my day now has mopping, cooking, and reorganizing my freezer added to it. Luckily the deep freeze thawed because the plug in got jiggled. Since I had already decided to bring the litter box upstairs since my female had 5 babies on Friday, I just did it now. The cats are no longer allowed in the basement.

God never gives us more than we can handle, and this is no different. I just wanted a day of rest, God said I didn't need it today.

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