Monday, May 7, 2012

*Insert witty title here*

I'm sitting here enjoying the quiet of the night. My family has gone to bed, I have contemporary christian music on the tv, and even my cats seem to understand and respect that I'm enjoying the quiet, the peace, the serenity of this moment.

I love my husband and my daughter. Never mistake that. However there is something about this time after they have fallen asleep that is my rejuvenation point. After hearing "Mom" a million times it is nice to have her here, safe, sound, and not needing my immediate attention. After being my husband's memory, it is nice to have him tucked into bed for the night, everything ready and prepared for the morning. After trying to be everything to everyone it is nice to sit back and know that the only thing I need to be is me.

This is the time I take to meditate, to pray, to read some motivational books, to do things I enjoy just for me. And tonight is no different.

Today was a typical day in my life. I woke my husband up to get up and out the door and off to work. I woke my daughter up to get her up and out the door and delivered safely to school. I came home and did some general pick up that needed to be done. Then, shortly after lunch, I was off to an interview.

I have to say I wish the job hiring process was different. I wish they would just say whether or not you are hired, not give vague answers like, "You should hear from us soon" or "We hope to make a decision shortly." I know, I know, they have other applicants to interview, they want to make the best decision they can, yada, yada, yada. From the applicant point of view, it sucks. You leave and weigh everything you say, everything they said, every mannerism. And, because how well can you really get to know someone in the short span of an interview, when they are on their best behavior, and more interested in deciphering you, you really end up knowing nothing even though you can't help but still trying to disect the entire interview. And the waiting begins.

After I got home my bff stopped over to pick up the left over books and clothes from the garage sale. She is going to sort them out and take most if not all of the clothes to the local clothing closet that gives all the clothes away to anyone in the community who needs them. It is a great charity and we love to help them out, especially since we've had our times when we had to use the 'closet.'

She also brought me her grinder attachment for the standing mixer. See even after cooking all day yesterday, I still had about 12 roasts, at least 20 pounds, that I needed to cook in some way. Most of the roasts were arm roasts that aren't the most tender and being my dh has dentures (and is relatively new to wearing them), tough meat doesn't work out so well. And so I ground it. All of it. It filled a roasting pan. Tomorrow I will start turning this mass of meat into meals that can go into the freezer.

After everyone fell asleep tonight I have worked on an embroidery project. It is a wall quilt square that is of birds and bird houses. After painting my living room blue and deciding on a blue and brown color scheme I have also decided that I want to use birds as my decorating theme. I love birds, and bird houses, and all the colors and options available from this very simple theme.

However the clock keeps ticking away the hours until morning comes again and I have to start all over. So good night lady bugs and fiddler boys (don't ask, sleep deprivation does silly things to me I tell you).

God bless and watch over you all

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