Thursday, May 31, 2012

Modest Dress

My sister and I got into a discussion today.

We are both growing as Christian mothers, wives and women. And I have been led towards looking at my clothing choices since I haven't been working. While I was working I was wearing scrubs and those are pretty modest. However since then I have noticed that my shorts seem a little short, my shirts a little low or have key hole necklines.

This is not how I want to be perceived. I don't want to dress in such a way that it encourages other husbands to look at me. And so I started discussing this with my sister.

Her response startled me a little. I was always the less modest of the two of us and more likely to blame it on the day and age we live in. She told me that she doesn't show much for cleavage but she does live in the 21st century.

This took me back a little bit. And it gave me a challege. Could I find, in the stores that I shop on a regular basis, skirts, shirts and dresses that were modest without looking outdated or frumpy? And, to take it one step further, could I find a cute, short sleeve cardigan that could be worn over some of the dresses with smaller straps.

My answer, yes, yes I can. Here are a few of my favorites with where I found them:
Pinned Image
This dress is from Maurices! I love the color and even though you can't see it on this picture it has an amazing button up back that is gorgeous.

This dress is so fun!
This dress from JCPenney's is a great fun dress. I love the polka dots!
This dress makes me think of taking kids to a park or other times when a longer skirt is necessary
This is another dress from JCPenney's. I love this dress for taking the kids places.
This is a great cardigan for over some of the dresses and tops that aren't as modest as we would prefer. From Banana Republic

This skirt from Old Navy would be adorable for 4th of July.
This one is from Old Navy. I love the chevron stripes and I think it would be a great skirt to wear to a picnic for the 4th of July.

The Webster at Target® Drawstring Tee - Green
I love the green of this top from Target.

ASSETS® by Sara Blakely® Women's Halter Swim Dress - Black
I thought I would add a swimsuit. This is very similar to what mine looks like, from Target, and I'm going to get a cover up similar to the one below, from Younkers.
Jessica Simpson Delhi Print Poncho Swim Coverup
While I wouldn't approve of this as a dress I think we all agree that at the pool this covers much more than most.

I hope this has given you hope if you felt the same as my sister! Where do you love to shop for your modest clothing? What is your must have item to make any outfit modest? What is your opinion on swimwear.

God bless


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