Saturday, May 26, 2012

Humane War...On Rabbits

My dh went out this morning to check on our vegetable garden. This is our first garden and we are very proud and enthusiastic about it. This one is meant just to have fresh produce to eat from, my parents and my sister have massive gardens that we will use to can from. However 2 of my 3 broccoli plants have been ate clear down and one has completely disappeared.

Apparently they like broccoli plants better than hostas, which is what they ate LAST year.

I don't want the rabbits eating my garden, however I also don't want to kill the rabbits. I have issues with using poisons, insecticides, herbicides, especially close to plants I intend to eat from. It has drove my dh crazy for the last year as I have insisted that he didn't use them.

Plus I do believe that rabbits are God's creatures the same as any other creature. If he were to shoot them, I would feel like we needed to eat them and I'm not overly fond of rabbit. It is very...gamey.

And so I have been looking for natural rabbit repellents. I will let you know what works and what doesn't as I figure it out myself.

As to the weekend, I am going 'camping' at my best friend's house. It works well that they have kids that Alexis likes to play with, and Jaime is friends with the husband. We all will have people to hang out with.

I'm going to talk to Alexis on Monday about why we celebrate Memorial Day. She doesn't need to lose sight of the reason, or think that it's National BBQ and Camp day. If you have any resources I can use, I would greatly appreciate them.

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day everyone.

God bless


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