Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Managing a Home

How do you manage your home? Your calendar, your budget, your wishlist items? There are so many things that we as moms are expected to do and be able to say at the drop of a hat that I have gotten overwhelmed.

I have tried to use an old fashioned wall calendar to keep my schedule straight but it never fails that I get asked questions when I'm not at home and can't see my calendar. Scheduling 4H meetings, events with friends, interviews, all these things that I need to be able to see my calendar. So I use Google calendar.

In all honesty I use Google for several things. My email, my blog reader, my calendar, even my documents. All from Google. I use Google Documents for my gift list ideas, my household chore chart, my to do lists, my baby sitter info sheet. It's a great central location, I can print them off, I can even share them with any Google user.

I also have my calendar synced to my smartphone. This allows me to look at my schedule, add things to my schedule and just remember what I have going on no matter where I am at.

My budget I use Budget Simple. This is again an online tool. I have found that online (AKA non paper) tools are the easiest for me to use. This allows you to input your scheduled income and budget your outgo. It does have you set your budget to come out at $0 but you can put whatever excess you have into savings.

I also use Pinterest for birthday party or gift ideas. I love the idea of an online bulletin board. I use this for craft ideas, gift ideas, recipes, home decor that I love. If you haven't joined yet you do need an invitation. Leave me a comment with your email and I'll send you an invite!

I'm not perfect and I'm still learning the best ways to keep my family organized but so far, these are my favorite places. How do you do it all, Super Mom?

God Bless


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