Thursday, June 7, 2012

Visiting Grandparents

Last night Jaime, Alexis, my mother-in-law, her boyfriend and I went to visit Jaime's grandparents. They live about 30 minutes away and yet this is the first time I have ever been to their house.

Alexis felt right at home. Whether this was because we told them this was her great-grandparents or because they are so easy to get along with I'm not sure but she immediately started playing with the toys, cuddling with Aunt Shelly, and helping Grandma make supper. I had to smile at how easy she found it to fit right into the family.

Jaime showed me around the property, the gazebo that he helped build, the bushes that he and his cousins ran over that managed to survive (after his grandpa had told me the story of finding the others beat down), the wood shop, the scrape on the house where he ran into it with the lawn mower after running over his grandpa, the 'stream' that was the favorite play spot in summer for all the neighborhood kids. It was fun listening to these stories of his childhood.

We live in his childhood home but I heard more stories last night in a 3 hour visit than I have the last year that we've lived in this house.

We had spaghetti and meatballs with garlic cheese bread for supper. The table wasn't big enough for all of us to sit at so they had a table for Alexis and his grandma and aunt both offered to sit with her. After supper Alexis crawled up onto Grandma's lap and nearly fell asleep until it was time for ice cream sundaes.

Before long it was closing in on bedtime and everyone was ready to go home. And so, home we went, with fond memories made and promises to be back soon.

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